Out Step

by Der Amethyst

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Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often worn by healers. It is used to increase positive energy and overcome fear, cravings, insomnia, and relieve headaches.

The Greek word "amethystos" translates to "not drunk”, and was considered to be a powerful antidote to prevent alcoholism.

In his poem "L'Amethyste, ou les Amours de Bacchus et d'Amethyste", French poet Remy Belleau conjured a myth in which Bacchus, the god of intoxication of wine was pursuing a woman named Amethyste. She refused his affection, and prayed to remain a virgin. Amethyste’s prayer was answered by the goddess of chastity, Diana, transforming her into white stone. Inspired by Amethyste's desire to remain chaste, Bacchus poured wine over her as an offering, dyeing her crystalline figure purple.

Out Step is stark in it’s presence. It has a sobering aesthetic that seems to be foreign somehow. Whether is was received through deep dreaming or found within a meteor kept secret far, far away, it’s here to stay and spread it’s positive energy.


released December 26, 2014



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Savvy Records Toronto, Ontario

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