Sonnenblumenmeer EP

by Eroht

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Savvy Records is all about interpretation, this is why we love remixes. An original album is difficult to top with a sequel if you’re goal is to compete with your own creativity, but if it embraces the uniqueness of individuality then perfection is acceptance.

Thomas Gwosdz’s releases with Kompakt have established a fetter-groove so bawdy and brawny, you should probably be wearing a mouthguard while listening to his concoctions. Somehow, Gwosdz’s approach to Eroht’s track is the perfect contrast to the unassuming original. Noisy bass-lines pierce through it’s golden chords, and big drums measure it’s progress.

Fan’s of Faber may already be familiar with his even more experimental project Eggshells, which breaks the conventional structures and barriers of electronic music. In his remix for Thore, Bram overexposes the original with radiant light, speeding up the growth process and turning the precious bud into a giant, jacked Sunflower that walks and talks.

Pulso from Argentina chimes in with his six minute digitized rendering. A recipe consisting of deformed and deconstructed ingredients, resembling the structure of a glitch-hop instrumental. The perfect IDM producer for an EP such as this. Pulso’s rendition juxtaposes the aesthetics of the organic original with it's distinctive existential encoding. If you're smart, you'll be sure to check out his even more underground label SR-IE, a lab experiment gone astray with some pretty heavy noise ballads that’ll surely shake the dust off your shoulders.


released October 17, 2014



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